I served it at my daughter’s birthday dinner. She was suspicious that it wasn’t vegan gluten free carrot cake loaf and thought I had run out and located a cake she was so impressed. The largest complement was that my grandson has lined me up for his birthday cake maker in three weeks!

Would I use 3 eggs as an alternative of flax eggs? I don’t need it to be vegan and am intolerant to flax.

Just blend some pieces or pineapple – it goes properly with the carrot cake. Feel free to experiment with different sweeteners or chopping again the sugar. Just know that if utilizing a moist sweetener, it might skinny the batter.

I am so glad she loves it. You can undoubtedly use apple.

Make sure to make use of a tart apple like a granny smith. After you shredded it, pat the shredded apple with paper towels to take a little of the extra moisture out.

If I want to substitute eggs wouldn’t it be three eggs? How would I make this recipe using all purpose flour?

Hoping to make this Sunday for Easter. I made this and though the flavor was good, it seemed nothing like the picture above.

Made it twice and it never cooked totally. So sad I wasted all those elements possibly I just don’t have the contact. I used Bob’s 1 to 1 flour so possibly that was it. It cooked fine on the surface but the middle was soggy. I did share the cake with the neighbors and so they loved the taste so nicely carried out!

So for the frosting- Vanilla! I used the listed vegan buttercream on the submit.

I simply made three of these ….2 for xmas and one for a friend for her birthday!!! I made it the first time a month in the past and everybody loved it. you possibly can replace the apple sauce utilizing crushed pineapple .

Thank you for all of your amazing recipes. Love the easy method you present them. You can substitute other sweeteners of selection. Just know that if moist, they might thin the batter.